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Get hyper-local weather, hourly forecasts for your address using the Dark Sky API. Works with international addresses!

Big Sky: Hyper-local, hourly weather forecasts for Amazon Alexa Why Big Sky? Alexa actually has pretty good general weather information. But Big Sky uses the Dark Sky API, to give hyper-local forecasts, hour-by hour, tied to your actual street address. That means you get the weather information most relevant to you, wherever you live in the world. Big Sky gives you quick access to weather information you need the most. WHAT'S NEW? -- You can now get wind and humidity information for any hour in the next 24 hours! "Alexa, ask Big Sky..." ...what's the high temperature today? ...will it rain in the next three hours? ...will it rain before 10 pm? ...for the humidity at 4 pm? ...what will the wind speed be in three hours? ...what's the low temperature in the next seven days? ...about the weather this weekend. ...when is sunrise on Saturday? ...what's the weather on Friday? If you experience trouble with Big Sky, please contact the developer at: Why Big Sky? Because it's better weather.

Invocation Name

big sky

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Big Sky.
Alexa, ask Big Sky for the weather in three hours.
Alexa, ask Big Sky if it will rain tomorrow before 5:00 pm.

Release Date

June 23rd 2016