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Cape Cod Realities


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fascinating facts about cape cod offers trivia about Cape Cod towns that even the locals may not know.

The 1957 Patti Page song, Old Cape Cod, talks of quaint little villages, sand dunes, and a moonlit bay.<br/>Yes, Cape Cod has all of those, but also there is another side of Cape Cod that you don't hear in the song.<br/>This skill contains fascinating facts about the 15 towns of Cape Cod that you will not find in your travel brochure. <br/>You select the town that your interested in and you will hear an unusual and interesting fact about that town, or select random and be surprised. <br/>You can listen to facts for as many towns as you wish without having to restart the skill each time. <br/>If you can't remember the names of the towns, just say help, and they will be listed for you.<br/>You can say:<br/>&quot;Alexa, open cape cod realities<br/>&quot;Alexa, start cape cod realities<br/>&quot;Alexa, start cape cod realities

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cape cod realities

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Alexa, open cape cod realities
Alexa, startcape cod realities
Alexa, launch cape cod realities

Release Date

May 22nd 2018