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Emerson Em

Emerson College

Or say "Alexa, enable Emerson Em"

Emerson Em can help you locate student resources, offices, and facilities, along with answering questions about Emerson events. How can I help?

Emerson Em answers some of the most frequently asked questions at Emerson College. Need campus directions? Need to know what events are happening on campus today, tomorrow or particular day ? It&rsquo;s easy. Just enable the Emerson Em skill on your Alexa app. Then, all you need to say is &quot;Alexa, Launch Emerson Em&quot; and Alexa will be happy to respond. Emerson Em is here to help!<br/>To learn the full schedule, you can take a look at our Events Calendar-https://www.emerson.edu/news-events/events-calendar

Invocation Name

emerson em

Interaction Examples

Alexa launch Emerson Em
Alexa ask Emerson Em where is library?
Alexa ask Emerson Em whats happening today?

Release Date

July 14th 2018