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A skill to control your FS Home Wi-Fi Socket.<br/>This skill can control the &quot;FS Home&quot; Security Sensors through Alexa commands.<br/> <br/> <br/>This skill requires: <br/>A &quot;FS Home&quot; account created using the mobile app. You can download the &quot;FS Home&quot; app from &quot;Google Play (Android)&quot; or &quot;App Store (IOS)&quot;.<br/>&quot;FS Home&quot; Hardware such as Wi-Socket or security sensor.<br/>Detailed instructions: <br/>1. Login to the skill with your &quot;FS Home&quot; Account.<br/>2. In the Alexa app select &quot;Discover Devices&quot;. (Make sure that you have devices synced with your &quot;FS Home&quot; Account) <br/>3. Command devices via Alexa API like &quot;Turn on (device)&quot; , &quot;Turn off (device)&quot; , &ldquo;Dim (device)&rdquo; , &ldquo;Brighten (device)&rdquo; , &ldquo;Set (device) to (Color name)&rdquo; , &ldquo;Set (device) to {#} percent&rdquo;.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on light
Alexa, turn off light
Alexa, set light to 50 percent

Release Date

July 13th 2018