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Hello Adolescence

Kapil kumar

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From getting that first pimple to those mood swings. Adolescence has been the hardest part of our childhood. Can alexa help your kids deal with it?

Dealing with puberty has always been a major challenge for the younger generation. Those body hairs, crackling voice and pimples have always been a major concern for the adolescents. <br/>The reason behind their worry is lack of correct information and basic understanding of puberty. They don't know how to handle it. Most importantly they become secretive and don't share their issues with their parents. This affects them mentally and physically.<br/>So allowing alexa with her soothing voice to clear doubts from the minds of teenager and make them feel normal about their health isn't a bad idea. Right???

Invocation Name

hello adolescence

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask hello adolescence what are its features.
Alexa, ask hello adolescence to tell me something about adolescence.
Alexa, ask hello adolescence how to handle it.

Release Date

February 6th 2018