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Music World


Or say "Alexa, enable Music World"

Find All Events or Specific Singer Musical Shows or Events Near to you or In Any US-Cities.

Music World Helps To Find list Of the Events within your City or In any Specific US-Cities. For Ex: 'Ask Music World, Events Around Me' Gives List of 5 Events or Musical Shows With Event Location and Dates. <br/><br/>Music World Also Provides the List of Events of Specific Singer In your City or Any Specific US-Cities. Open Skill And Say &quot; Beyonce Events Around Me ' or 'Beyonce Events in Santa Ana California'<br/><br/>Music World Can Give Specific Events And Your Fav Singer Events On Specific Days like ' Events On Friday' or 'Events On Sunday' or 'Events On Next Friday' or 'Events in Santa Ana California on Sunday'.<br/><br/><br/>This is Beta Version and Will Keep Upgrading in Short Time With More Exciting Information and Services.

Invocation Name

music world

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open Music World
Events Around Me
Events In Santa Ana California

Release Date

July 14th 2018