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Nokia Health Mate

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Or say "Alexa, enable Nokia Health Mate"

Now your voice can help you mange your health and fitness

Now your voice can help you manage your health and fitness.<br/> <br/>If you use Nokia Health Mate, adding this Alexa Skill is an easy way to up your motivation or simply check in with progress you&rsquo;ve made. Just ask Alexa about your weight trends, how you slept last night, or ask for stats about your activity. If you&rsquo;re looking to stay in the know without picking up your phone, Alexa can be there for you to tell you how you&rsquo;re doing and how you&rsquo;ve done by the day, week, or year.<br/><br/>Don't have the Nokia Health Mate app yet? No worries, you can download it now on the App Store or on the Play Store and start tracking your activity with your phone or manually entering data.<br/> <br/>Note: Alexa and Amazon, Inc. do not store or retain your Nokia Health data, but voice interactions associated with your Amazon account may contain your Nokia Health Mate data.

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Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Nokia how much weight I've lost this year.
Alexa, ask Nokia how many steps I have taken this week.
Alexa, ask Nokia how I slept last night.

Release Date

January 8th 2018