Listen to the Quran in English or Arabic. Ask Holy Quran to recite to you any verse, chapter, or Part (Juz), or hear the 'verse of the day' or the prayer times.

The 'Holy Quran' lets you listen to any Chapter (Surah), Verse (Ayah) or Part (Juz') of the Qur'an.<br/><br/>You can also ask for the next prayer, a specific prayer, or the prayer (Salah) times based on your location* or have Alexa play the Azan** (call to prayer).<br/><br/>To open 'Holy Quran' or to see what the app can do, you may say &quot;Open Holy Quran&quot; or &quot;Ask Holy Quran what are my options?&quot;<br/><br/>To play a specific passage of the Holy Qur'an you can say things like:<br/>&bull; &quot;(Ask Holy Quran to) Play part 10&quot; to play Juz' number 10<br/>&bull; &quot;(Ask Holy Quran to) Play chapter 39, verse 53&quot;<br/>&bull; &quot;(Ask Holy Quran to) Play chapter 4&quot;<br/><br/>You can say &quot;Alexa, continue&quot; to continue the Holy Quran recitation at any later time.<br/><br/>Here are some additional phrases you might like to try...<br/><br/>&bull; &quot;Open Holy Quran and play the Azan&quot; to play the call to prayer<br/>&bull; &quot;Ask Holy Quran for the next prayer?&quot; <br/>&bull; &quot;Ask Holy Quran about the prayer times?&quot; to hear the local Salah times<br/><br/>(Or when the app is already invoked, just say things like &ldquo;play Azan&rdquo;, &ldquo;when is the next prayer&rdquo;, &ldquo;what are the prayer times&rdquo;, etc.)<br/><br/>*The prayer time feature requires access to your postal code<br/>**Please note: Alexa Skills does not allow 'auto wake-up' of skills yet, therefore a scheduled Azan or prayer reminders cannot be enabled at this time; we are planning to implement this once this is possible.<br/><br/>For questions you may contact us on

Invocation Name

holy quran

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Holy Quran
Alexa, ask Holy Quran to play chapter 3 verse 7
Alexa, ask Holy Quran when the next prayer is

Release Date

May 22nd 2018