Or say "Alexa, enable Two Dice"

Two Dice is a skill that rolls 2 virtual dice and then replies with the value of each dice and the total.

Two Dice is a fun virtual dice rolling skill. This skill contains dice rolling sound effects, allows the user to ask Alexa to repeat the last roll and creates a card showing the values of the dice rolled.<br/>After enabling this skill, say things like &ldquo;Alexa, start Two Dice&quot; or &ldquo;Alexa, Begin Two Dice&rdquo; to start. Once the skill is active say &quot;Roll again&quot; to roll the dice, or &quot;Please repeat&quot; to have Alexa repeat the last roll.

Invocation Name

two dice

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Two Dice
Alexa, start Two Dice
Alexa, begin Two Dice

Release Date

May 22nd 2018