WLAN Steckdose - Alexa Skill

WLAN Steckdose


Or say "Alexa, enable WLAN Steckdose"

the skill for WLAN Steckdose

With the 'WLAN Steckdose' skill, you can now interact with 'WLAN Steckdose' lights and switches via voice.<br/><br/>When using skills, you need to specify the device to use by name. The method for defining the name is:<br/>* Use the name you set in the 'WLAN Steckdose' application<br/><br/>Once you know the name of your device, you can say:<br/>* If you have a switch, you can turn them on/off, for example: &quot;Alexa, turn on the bedroom light.&quot;

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on the ABC
Alexa, turn off the ABC

Release Date

July 15th 2018