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fortnite drop picker


Or say "Alexa, enable fortnite drop picker"

Ever wanted to spice up your Fortnite game play a bit. Well this is perfect for you. A Frotnite drop location roulette with all the most popular drop sites

ask Alex to open fortnite drop picker it will respond with a random drop location. With sites such as haunted hills, anarchy acres, dusty divot, fatal fields, tilted towers, pleasant park, risky reels and many others. This fortnite roulette is perfect if you want a bit more fun and if you just want to try out a new place to drop.<br/><br/><br/>For every five 5 Star reviews the skill gets, it will be updated with more Fortnite features.

Invocation Name

fortnite drop picker

Interaction Examples

Alexa, begin fortnite drop picker
Alexa, open fortnite drop picker
Alexa, start fortnite drop picker

Release Date

May 22nd 2018