mipc - Alexa Skill



With this skill,you can discovery your mipc camera and watch the camera.

This skill needs to be matched with mipc cloud camera. mipc cloud camera is our own independent research and development cloud camera. Now our products are able to cooperate with Amazon's intelligent voice skills. Through this skill, you can use your echo show and file TV to watch video camera with voice instructions.<br/><br/>To use this skill, you need to have a mipc cloud camera and mipc account. Add your camera to your mipc account and allow your mipc account to use this skill. After the mipc account is associated with this skill, you can say &quot;alexa,discovery devices&quot; to find your mipc camera. If you have a cloud camera nicknamed &quot;garage&quot; in your device list, you can say &quot;alexa,show my garage camera&quot; to watch video camera.<br/><br/>If you want to connect more about mipc, please visit our official website, http://www.mipcm.com

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa,show my office camera
Alexa, show the office camera
Alexa, show feed from office

Release Date

July 12th 2018