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spreadsheet lessons


Or say "Alexa, enable spreadsheet lessons"

Spreadsheet Lessons is a learning tool for Alexa Skill Developers

Brian and Amy, Amazon Polly voices, are used in a dialog to explain to Alexa Skill Developers how to leverage Google Spreadsheets as a data store in their Alexa Skill. During the lesson, you will be able to pause and resume the lesson or command a given lesson step number be spoken.<br/><br/>Workbooks containing any number of work sheets may be accessed as data variables to be used in skill development. For instance, the website getstoryline.com lets those with no programming skills, create Alexa Skills and use Google spreadsheets to speak or access random content.<br/><br/>This lesson teaches skill developers how to access random cells in Google spreadsheets as well as targeted cells in any work sheet.

Invocation Name

spreadsheet lessons

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open spreadsheet lessons
Alexa, tell spreadsheet lessons to play step 1
Alexa, tell spreadsheet lessons to start over

Release Date

July 16th 2018