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Or say "Alexa, enable WIFIPLUG"

Control your devices with WIFIPLUG, the world's smallest app controlled smart plug.

Use Echo to control your WIFIPLUG devices by saying ”Alexa, turn my lamp on" Welcome to the WIFIPLUG skill for Amazon Echo. This skill will enable you to ask Alexa to control your connected WIFIPLUG devices. To get started, ensure that your WIFIPLUG devices are connected and online. You’ll then need to enable the WIFIPLUG skill by tapping ‘Enable WIFIPLUG Skill’ at the top of this screen. Then, you simply provide your WIFIPLUG login details so that Alexa can control your devices for you. Once you enable the skill, you will be able to use the devices listed name as the command. Here’s a list of the current commands you can use with Alexa and WIFIPLUG to control your home: Alexa, turn on Lamp Alexa, turn off Lamp WIFIPLUG uses the name of your device to control it. You can check your device names from your WIFIPLUG app, or from the Smart Home part of the Alexa app. Requirements: WIFIPLUG user account, password, and device. WIFIPLUG MINI, POWER, or Home. This release is compatible with WIFIPLUG POWER, MINI, and Home (coming soon: see http://www.wifiplug.co.uk/homekit.html for more details).

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on Lamp
Alexa, turn off Heater

Release Date

December 28th 2016